The Winston

The next vanity featured in our Product Spotlight series is a vanity that holds a special place in our hearts. It is the first of its kind here at The Furniture Guild and it is one of the most spectacular designs we offer. We are of course, talking about the Winston.


The Winston made its debut in the summer of 2016 and was our first metal vanity creation. It features a seamless, solid brass framing that can be finished in one of our eight, gorgeous metal finishes. Our expert welders are able to create one continuous metal piece that is as stunning as it is exceptional – a true signifier of our dedication to high quality and incomparable craftsmanship. There are plenty or companies that like to boast their metal designs but there are none who take the time to craft their metal by hand like we do. it is this passion and attention to detail that sets the Winston apart from all others.


Like all of our vanities, the Winston is available in 25 standard sizes as well as custom sizing and can be outfitted with all the options your heart desires, including a walnut drawer upgrade to really elevate the vanity. And with over 50 different finish options to choose from, the Winston is guaranteed to make a statement.


The Winston is the very definition of a high class, show stopping piece. Hand sculpted metal work and a never ending commitment to provide the best make this vanity a star among our designs and one of the best vanities we have to offer. Check out our website to see all the features of the Winston design and try out our configurator to create the vanity of your dreams!

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