You don’t often think of it but, when you are standing at a counter or a bathroom vanity and your feet hit the bottom of the cabinet, you are unknowingly putting strain on your body. Why is this happening, you might ask? Well, you are having to exert your body further when reaching for things like hand soap or your tooth brush because you don’t have enough space to get closer. So how do you go about solving this problem? By adding a toekick of course!

A toekick is the recessed area between the base of the cabinet and the floor. It is built into the cabinet and is made from the matching material of your chosen vanity. Having a toekick incorporated into your vanity helps with ease of access and provides comfort. That little bit of extra space that a toekick gives, instantly reduces the amount of space needed to reach your work surface, whether it be a kitchen counter or your bathroom faucet. This then helps eliminate the stress you are putting on your back and hips.

Our toekick option is available on all of your vanity designs and is finished to match. To see all of our amazing vanity options head over to our website. Or check out or configurator to start planning your dream vanity today!

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