In the world of bathroom countertops, there are a lot of options to choose from. Some are more innovative like our FENIX or Guildstone countertops whereas there are some that more traditional. However, just because they are traditional, that does not mean that they are any less stunning or elegant. Perhaps one of the most eye pleasing and ideal countertops for your bathroom is quartz.

Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral made up of silicon and oxygen and one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. When it comes to countertops however, they are a man-made, engineered stone that is comprised of natural quartz and a man-made resin. This makes the countertop stronger than natural stone and more durable. It’s not porous like most natural stone tops making it an ideal choice for a bathroom countertop as it won’t harbor any nasty bacteria or viruses that might linger about. It is also super hard, not prone to chipping or scratches, resistant to staining and corrosion from household cleaners, and requires little maintenance.

Bianco Quartz on a Winston

Quartz is an elegant countertop choice. It can come in a wide variety of colors that can’t be found in most natural stones. Here at The Furniture Guild, we offer three styles of quartz countertops: pure white, bianco, and calacatta. Pure white is exactly what it sounds like, a beautiful and clean white stone countertop that looks stunning on any vanity you place it on, transitional or contemporary. Our bianco quartz has the brilliant look of the pure white with the addition of grey veins that add a certain depth and character to the stone. The calacatta is the same as the bianco but instead of grey, the veins look more tan or gold, giving the stone a warmer look. Both bianco and calacatta look stunning on any of our transitional vanities but can add a unique pop of texture to a contemporary vanity.

Like all of our countertop options, quartz has three edge profiles to choose from and can be ordered flush to the cabinet or with a standard 1/2″ overhang. There are some compatibility limitations with some vanity styles so sure to check out our price book to view all limitations before ordering!

Depending on the style of quartz you choose, your countertop will fit seamlessly into your design. Strong and built to last, quartz is a fantastic choice of countertop that looks is elegant, timeless, and downright stunning.

Bianco Quartz on a Henley

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