Made in the USA

There are several things that we take great pride in here at The Furniture Guild. We take pride in our talented craftsmen and their dedication to their art. We take pride in our products and the quality of all that we create. But most importantly we take pride in the fact that all of our vanities are manufactured right here in America.

More and more it seems like companies are outsourcing to other countries to produce their products. It saves them money and cuts down on their taxes. But that’s not all that it does. It cuts back on the quality of materials, workers are subjected to unsafe conditions, and there is an overall lack of pride in the end product. Things are cheaply made and last only a few short years when they should be lasting a lifetime – all for the sake of saving a few dollars.

Well, that doesn’t sit right with us. We believe that if you are going to create something, you should do it the right way, not the easy way. Because at the end of the day, what you choose to create is a reflection of who you are as a company. That’s why we manufacture all of our vanities, cabinets, and mirrors right here in Georgia. Not only does that reflect our pride and dedication to be the very best but is has other positive outcomes too.

By basing and operating our company in America, we are helping out our local community by providing jobs and boosting the economy. Furthermore, we happily abide by the government’s safety work standards to keep our employees safe and treated fairly. We source our materials locally, ensuring their high quality and cutting down on our carbon footprint.

It may not seem like big deal that we are American-Made but it is a point of pride for us. It is a promise to our customers that not only are you going to receive a high quality, top of the line bathroom vanity but you are also going to get the best, home grown customer service the industry has to offer. We are passionate about what we do and we want only the very best for our customers and employees. That’s why we are always proud to say that we are American-Made.


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