Maximizing Space

Not all bathrooms are created equal. It’s a sad but true fact. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and get a huge master bath that allows you to follow your wildest designer dreams while other times, the size of your room is lacking, hindering all of your big ideas. However, just because you happen to have less space than you would like in your room, that doesn’t mean that all your hopes and dreams are dashed.  There are a few tricks that can be used to help your bathroom seem bigger than it actually is.

Chelsea in Black

The first trick is the use of mirrors. Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space. Because of their reflective surface, mirrors bounce around available light, making the whole room feel lighter and airy. You can buy groups of smaller mirrors to place strategically around your bathroom or go with one giant one to hang above your vanity. A hot mirror trend that is taking the designs world by storm is metal framed mirrors. They add an edgy, industrial touch that breaks up the space and adds depth with its unique look and textures. Of course, our favorite way to use mirrors is on our vanity fronts. With four different designs to choose from, all available in wall mounted versions, you can create space with a stunning mirror fronted vanity that not only creates the illusion of space but looks great too.

Josie in White paint and Satin Brass

Another trick is the use of color. Color is way more than just a simple decor element. It can influence moods and of course, make a room feel larger. Lighter colors like brilliant whites or soft light greys can fool the eye into thinking the walls are further away than they really are. Furthermore, painting your bathroom ceiling a light color can add much needed depth to the space. But paint is not exclusive to just the walls. Using a light colored vanity in your bathroom can also help create space too. Whether it’s by choosing a white paint or one of lighter acrylic or automotive finishes, a light vanity can fit seamlessly in with light colored walls, expanding the look of the bathroom.

Turino in Barley and White Acrylic

The last tip to make your bathroom seem larger than what meets the eye, is the vanity itself. Choosing a floating – or wall mounted – vanity will instantly add space. The open flooring beneath the vanity nor only shows off your fancy floors and makes for easy cleaning but, it brings a sense of airiness that can be extremely beneficial if you don’t have a lot of room to work with. All of our designs are available in a wall mounted version and have ample storage. This allows you to be as creative as possible when designing your dream bath and eliminates the need for other bulky storage fixtures. Whether you are more transitional or contemporary, we have a wall mounted vanity that will work for you.

It’s true, not all bathrooms are created equal but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream. By using these tricks you can make you can maximize your space and turn your small bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Check out our website to see all of our vanity designs to find your perfect fit!

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