Powder Room Power

In our post about maximizing space, we stated that not all bathrooms are created equal. Some master baths are massive while other can be…lacking. But there is one type of bathroom that is always going to be small no matter what. We are of course, talking about powder rooms.

The powder room – also known as the half bath – is a bathroom that is typically found on the main floor of the house. Usually this small room has only the essentials: the sink, toilet, vanity, and mirror. Overall, there is not much space for a lot of stuff. But one of the advantages of the powder room is its potential for ambitious design – the perfect empty canvas to make a bold statement.

Because of its small size, you can go crazy when it comes to materials. Splurge on things like metal vanities or pricey countertops because you only have a limited amount of space to work with. So why not make the most of what you have and go for something that will dazzle.

Winston in Sea Serpent and Burnished Brass / @dianajonasoninteriordesign

And don’t shy away from bold colors or dramatic wallpaper. The powder room is the perfect place to be adventurous. Try out new tile or explore that design style you’ve been eyeing. With the limited space, you can test the waters without having to commit to a large scale makeover.

Don’t forget, the powder room is most frequented by house guests. So what better way to wow them than with a bathroom that will take them on an adventure and leave them impressed? Whether it be floor to ceiling wallpaper, bright pops of color, or (our personal favorite) a vanity that can double as a work of art, the powder room is the perfect place to make a statement.

Check out these powder rooms that made the most out of their small space:

Winston in Burnished Brass and Black Oak / @donnamondiinterioredsign


Custom Verso Short in Black Acrylic and Burnished Brass / @rikifortganginteriordesign


Custom Vaughan in Custom Color and Polished Nickel Inlay / @catherine_ebef 


Edwin in Cerused Oak and Polished Nickel / @luluhome.cami

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