Black Limba

When it comes to finish options, we have quite a few. We have everything ranging from matte paint, to glossy automotive, to the innovative FENIX, and of course, some stunning exotic wood. We’ve talked before about our stunning and mesmerizing Rosewood finish but there is another exotic wood that we are totally in love with – Black Limba.

Avant finished in Black Limba and Matte Black

Black Limba is a species of tree that is native to West Africa. This tropical loving tree is light in color, ranging from yellow to golden brown with grey to black streaks and veins while the upper part of the tree (also known as White Limba) is a much lighter color. White Limba is a gorgeous wood but we here at The Furniture Guild prefer Black Limba. Why? The grey and black streaks of course! The reason why the streaks occur at the bottom of the tree is because that is where the plant disposes the toxins that build up inside, creating a unique and highly sought after look. In fact, Black Limba was so popular that in 50s a concentrated effort was made to preserve the species – saving it from being over exported. Because of these efforts, Black Limba is still around and widely available.

While Black Limba is less dense than your typical walnut, it is easy to work with and the worm and pin holes that are commonly found in the wood, give it character when used in the construction of furniture. Its straight, slightly interlocking grain creates a beautiful, uniformly coarse texture.

Black Limba Finish Section

Black Limba is a perfect finish for any bathroom that appreciates unique beauty and daring textures. This finish is available on our 400 and 600 series and comes with a perfect matte top coat. We suggest taking a look at our configurator to try our this exceptional finish on one of the available vanities. To see all of our finish options, be sure to check out our website!

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