We’ve Got the Power

Let’s face it, power outlets just aren’t that pretty. They’re an eye sore no matter how you slice it. Paint it, cover it with a decorative cover – they still stick out like a sore thumb. But they are essential, especially in today’s wired world. We need to charge our phones and tablets and in terms of the bathroom, we need to plug in our toothbrushes, hair dryers, and so on. If only there was a way to eliminate the unsightly look of the outlets without losing the capability.

It sounds futuristic I know, but there is a way. Let me introduce you to our power options.

We have come up with a way to eliminate the wall power outlet and integrate it into the vanity itself. That’s right, inside the vanity. How cool is that?

We offer two different power options to choose from, the basic power outlet and the power drawer. The basic power outlet is a standard outlet that is installed on the inner wall of the cabinet. The typical placement is behind the right door or just above the top of the drawer. You of course can have it placed in a different location if need be but be sure to specify the location when you are ordering! This option allows you to plug in any bathroom electronics inside of the vanity, eliminating the traditional wall outlet and hiding the cord clutter.

Just remember, you do need to have an outlet behind your vanity for this option to work!

The second power option we have is our famous power drawer. The power drawer differs from the power outlet option by the placement of the outlet. While on the first option, the outlet is tucked away at the back wall of the vanity, this option places the power outlet in the drawer. This design makes the outlet a little bit more accessible and comes with a USB port for easy electronic charging.

Like some of our options, there are limitations so be sure to check with your sales rep to make sure everything is in check before you order.

In the mean time, watch this clip of our craftsman Jordan, installing a power drawer option.




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