Freestanding Vs. Wall Mounted

When it comes to bathroom vanities, the amount of designs are nearly limitless but at the end of the day, there are only two things that matter. Is your vanity going to be freestanding or wall mounted? No matter what shape or style of vanity you choose, you will inevitably have to make this decision. So how do you do that?  What are the differences in freestanding and wall mounted vanities? Is it really all that important? Finding the answers to these questions is easier than you think.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what exactly we mean by the terms freestanding and wall mounted. Freestanding describes vanities that stand on their own legs and do not have to be attached to the walls. Wall mounted vanities must be secured to the walls because they do not have legs to stand on.

If you are looking at a freestanding vanity chances are, you are going for a more transitional look. The majority of vanities for the longest time, were freestanding vanities but that certainly doesn’t mean that they are outdated. Freestanding vanities have evolved over the years, drifting away from the ornamental and bulky designs of the past to sleeker, more modern looks that still offer a traditional comfort. Freestanding vanities are versatile not only in their looks but in their storage capability. They tend to allow for more storage space than some wall mounted vanities but there are some drawbacks. Because they stand on their own, freestanding vanities can be on the bulkier side and take up much needed space.

Now if space is something that you want a lot of, a wall mounted vanity is for you. Since wall mounted vanities are attached to the wall for support, it leaves the space under the cabinet free and open. This helps to create the feeling of space which is perfect for smaller rooms. Also, most wall mounted vanities are more modern, with sleek lines and minimal style. They are very on trend and perfect if you have a stylish floor you want to show off. Of course, like the freestanding vanities, there are some things to keep in mind. With a wall mounted vanity you might have to invest in decorative hardware if any pipes end up being exposed and if you go with a wall mounted vanity you might be sacrificing storage space.

When it comes down to choosing between a freestanding or wall mounted vanity you need to consider a few things. How much space do you have to work with? If it’s not a lot, consider a wall mounted. Do you need to have ample storage? Try going with a freestanding vanity. What is the overall style of your bathroom? if it more contemporary or transitional? Wall mounted vanities tend to look the best in a contemporary bath thanks to their sleek design whereas freestanding vanities fit into a transitional space perfectly.

Once you have these things figured out, you can make your decision and start planning your perfect bathroom. Check out our website to see all of our wall mounted and freestanding vanity designs and find a showroom near you!


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